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Whether you need to localize documents or manuals from Japanese to English or vice versa, Big East, Inc. can handle the task from start to finish.  


Translating properly is not an automated (google translate) task.  it takes time, skill and years of experience in different fields in order to properly relate what needs to be translated across language and culture differences.



From simple content production to complex, detailed video with advanced bi-lingual editing from start to finish; Big East has years of experience in this field.


We have created and worked on many international video projects and most recently have been involved with growing channels on Youtube as well.  


We edit, subtitle, localize and are familiar with editing standards and quality in and outside of Japan. 






Few others have the years and broad range of experience that Big East has.  


Over 20 years of business in and out of Japan and all around Asia, in a variety of areas, has left us uniquely qualified to serve your interests best.  


We are open minded, flexible and experienced.  Give us a try for your changing business needs!

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